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The West Wing Thing

May 30, 2022

Someone or other is having an affair or something, and there's a nuclear war brewing between China and Russia or somesuch shit... Also, even after all those farewell tears AND a new Diesel Boots song... we have a brand new Psaki Bomb. How is this even possible! 


May 23, 2022

Lisa Curry joins Josh and Dave to bag on Bill Maher, say goodbye to Jen Psaki, and watch an episode of The West Wing with Josh. 





May 16, 2022

The West Wing finally steps up and challenges Seinfeld - this week's episode is a show about nothing. But don't worry - Will Menaker is here to help us fill the void. 

May 9, 2022

After six and a half seasons, the entirely white writers of the West Wing FINALLY do an episode that touches on racial issues, and it ROCKS even harder than you'd expect it to. 



May 2, 2022

It's the most incredible hour of television you've ever seen! This week.... the legendary LIVE DEBATE. 


We hate to break it to you... it's not good.