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The West Wing Thing

Jun 29, 2022

Not sure if you heard, but the Supreme Court shot down Roe last week, so we asked our friend Jared to drop by and talk about whether or not that will have any meaningful impact. And since we're awful, we made him watch another episode of The West Wing. Who's got the briefcase?

Jun 27, 2022

Our old pal Tom Sexton stops by to say a find farewell, and we force him to watch another episode of the fucking West Wing. This is the one where Donna finallty acts on all those years of abuse and misogyny and.... for fuck's sake, are you kidding? 

Hey, did you hear about Roe? That happened after we recorded this....

Jun 20, 2022

Will the California nuclear power plant blow up, taking most of Southern California with it? Or will the problem just go away? Who could possibly guess?

Also, Josh challenges Dan Pfeiffer to a steel cage wrestling match.