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The West Wing Thing

Mar 30, 2020

What is it with women and paint, and why must they constantly sit in it?

Mar 23, 2020

In which we ask the very wonderful and brilliant Alex Press to watch her very first episode of West Wing, then force her to talk about it. 

Mar 16, 2020

A good deal of time is spent discussing pancake syrup, but we ignore all that to discuss how The West Wing kids are always losing. 

Mar 9, 2020

A very special episode, in which we take a break from discussing the terrible effect of The West Wing's politics, and talk about it's equally terrible impact on mental health.  

Mar 2, 2020

In light of recent events, we put together this special 9/11 episode of The West Wing Thing with special guest, Chapo Trap House's Matt Christman. Let's talk Isaac & Ishmael, folks!